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Find vegetarian/vegan friendly recipes that remind me of my childhood and are popular on the Greek menu. Mediterranean recipes easy to make yourself at home! Dishes that will take you straight to sunny Greece and make you eat like a Greek! Opa!

Stuffed butternut squash with brown rice, red beans, pine nuts & fresh herbs / Γεμιστή κολοκύθα με καστανό ρύζι, κόκκινα φασόλια, κουκουνάρι & φρέσκα μυρωδικά


Lentils, sweet potato, caramelized onions & goats cheese salad jar/ Σαλάτα με φακές, γλυκοπατάτα, καραμελωμένα κρεμμύδια & κατσικίσιο τυρί

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